Nov 8, 2008

Cause of Embarassment and Shame...on us!

This ugly or startling monument, is meant to be just that. It's name is the Pillar or Column of Shame. It was donated (?) to Mexico for it's dubious "honor" of deserving it for the horrendous massacre of 45 Tzotzil Indians, mostly women and children, on December 22nd, 1997, in Acteal, Chiapas. It actually puts most of the blame on the Mexican state and federal governments for their abusive treatment of the Indian peoples, but since it is also a tool of Marxist propaganda, it doesn't mention the crimes of the Zapatista Movement against other Indians whose lands they took by force, or expelled. Nor does it mention, while it blames the Mexican government for the murders, that those arrested and sentenced arbitrarily were also Tzotzil Indians, neighbors and even family members of those who were killed, or more especifically, that 40 of the them were evangelical Christians, who insisted that they were not only innocent, but had alibis for that day. Because of the horrible nature of the crime, and the war of continuous propaganda the Zapatistas have waged using it, very little attention has been paid to the plight of the 40 or so innocent evangelicals. There have been those faithful few ministries and brothers in Christ who have stood by our brothers and their families...but I repeat... a few. Mention these brothers in Chiapas, where it makes anyone feel uncomfortable, or around Mexico where it is more likely to be ignored... and you begin to feel as if the Body of Christ is embarassed and ashamed to acknowledge these men as brothers, or their families as ours. It is sad enough to recognize that the State and Federal Mexican governments were somehow involved in, and covered up what happened that awful day. It is shameful that the advocates for liberation theology and Zapatismo have manipulated their religion or political philosophy to maintain hatred and an atmosphere of tension alive after 11 years, but that is nothing...compared to the shame of the Body of Christ leaving these prisoners and their families uncared for, forgotten, or ignored...because they make us feel uncomfortable. Spiritually and physically abandoned for lack of funds, time, and or love. Let these brothers know that God has not turned His back on them... that the Body of Christ does care about their welfare, and that of the families who been left behind for 11 years now. Pray for them and their families, and then DO something! Send a postcard to a prisoner! to his family! Send an email to President Calderon of Mexico telling him, "Christians do concern themselves for these people"! Be polite, Pray for him and for wisdom in his office. Send an offering for their needs, or travel expenses for a spiritual advisor. BUT DO SOMETHING! ************************************************************************************* Matthew 25: 40 Judgement of the Gentile Nations: Verily, verily, I say unto thee, inasmuch as you have done it onto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me.

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: November 9th, 2008

Highlands' Vacation Spot? Peaceful Mountain Getaway? or Idyllic Mountain Site? Howabout: Site of Horrendous & Savage Massacre? or, How many Victims after the passing of 11 years? Believe it or not, this rather gorgeous piece of God's earth was witness to one of the worst incidents of mass murders in the modern history of Mexico. And, is one of the most complicated and outrageous cases for the mishandling of information and evidence both before and after the fact. It's called the Acteal Massacre, or La Matanza en Acteal. On January 1, 1994, Indian rebels in the southern state of Chiapas, in what is called the Zapatista Movement (EZLN), and under the leadership of Subcommandante Marcos (a non-Indian) burst with force onto the Mexican scene, and practically toppled the economics of the country in one fell blow! Several years later, after having invaded and confiscated federal and privately owned lands, even of fellow tribesmen, in their "attempt to better the condition of the Indian peoples in Chiapas", skirmishes were still common between the rebel forces, the federal army, and paramilitary groups that had formed, to protect their own communities or political party interests. Evangelical believers were caught in the middle and were unwanted, for being the minority, and for not agreeing with the marxist anarchists manner of achieving their goals. Ambushes were common between the groups, with evangelicals often being targeted. In spite of all the testimony of what actually occurred by the survivors of the savage, frenzied attack that left 45 dead, principally women and children, on December 22nd, 1997, the evidence does not square up with the several versions that have been suggested by survivors, the rebels or by the government. The case was so badly mismanaged from the start from both a forensic and judicial viewpoint, that the result was 90+ Tzotzil Indians rounded up by the PGR, indiscriminately for questioning, pre-emportorily detained, accused and sentenced , even though most did not speak Spanish, many had alibis, and through the years the evidence has not clearly substantiated their guilt... The rebels ,who have gained a cause celebre in unlimited (foreign) support producing propaganda for the massacre of what was supposedly a pacifist group of Indian simpathizers, the liberation theology advocate who maintains his people agitated instead of preaching Christ's gospel of love and forgiveness leading to healing, and the state and federal governments have made the 40 or so evangelical prisoners who profess their innocence into "political prisoners" and scapegoats for whoever is actually responsable for the massacre. At least 18 of the imprisoned who were paramilitaries, confessed proudly that they partiicipated for revenge. Our brothers in Christ have lost 11 years of ther lives so far, and will have to serve another 15 years, if justice is not attained for them, and the families they left behind. Please pray for all those who were victimized by the massacre: the survivors, the falsely accused, and their families left behind. Matthew 5:6: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness sake, for they shall be satisfied!