Revised November 2014: Actual Situation in Mexico to Date

There are a number of families that are still living in government shelters after having been expelled from their communities in 2009 and through 2014 without resolution, or a serious government attempt to attend to their cases; there are over 50 - 70 cases are documented just in the southern state of Chiapas: including those of Chilil, Los Llanos, Matamoros, and Union Juarez. There are evangelicals under siege in many communities in Zapatista autonomous zones in Las Margaritas, Ocosingo, San Cristobal and the Chiapas Highlands areas. The families of Evangelical prisoners from the Acteal case rejoiced for the release of some of their men in 2009, 2010, and recently in 2014, but are still waiting for the Supreme court to release the remaining in prison. Drug cartel violence in the northern states of Chihuahua, Sinaloa, and Tamaulipas has extended throughout Mexico to Michoacan, Guerrero, and though the southern states, into Central America. In 2011, 3 foreign missionaries were killed, and from December of 2010 to June of 2011 3 Evangelical s were murdered in Chiapas. Please keep Mexico in your prayers, and Be A Voice for those who don't have one wherever and whenever you can.

Jul 25, 2010

Persecution in Mexico: VOMC / VOM Mexico: Acteal Evangelical Families

Still Waiting For Justice... Please link in prayer and Activism in support of our Brethren...Acteal Prisoner's Prayer Alert & Postcard Campaign Update: We are reposting this regarding our evangelical brothers, Innocent Prisoners of Acteal. In August of 2009, Estela Luna Perez led her group of families out of Acteal walking to the Mexican capital, 14 hours away by bus. They were joined by over 300 uninvited marchers, and then attacked and fired on by the state police in Oaxaca.The government in Chiapas and political parties had promised support but backed out at the last moment. The peaceful march on behalf of the Innocent Evangelical Prisoners has now been hijacked by two radical groups...with political, propaganda, and financial clout. The Judges of the Supreme Court postponed their decisions until after the summer elections. Estela and her group were humbly camped out in the Zocalo while their counterparts were being well cared for by their backers in nice hotels. I am sure that Estela and her people were disheartened and feeling betrayed by their neighbors. In the end, we all knew that justice would only be determined through trusting the Lord to move on behalf of the innocent prisoners. In November, the Supreme released some other prisoners, but 56, among them the older men, are still condemned under sentences for another 22 years. Please continue with us in prayer for both the prisoners and their families, not forgetting the judges who are dealing with a case no one wants to touch because of the political and propaganda machines involved. You can encourage Estela and her people by participating in the Postcard Campaign here. Last year a manila envelope arrived with drawings from a Sunday School class in Buffalo, New York, telling the Evangelicals, "Don't worry, Jesus loves You!" You too can be a Voice of encouragement to our people who have suffered for their identification as evangelical followers of Jesus Christ

Persecution in Mexico: VOMC / VOM en Mexico: Los Llanos y Nachig

Persecution in Mexico: VOMC & VOM en Mexico Collaboration

21 Evangelicals Expelled from Their Community of Chilil in November 2009, still waiting for justice in Government Shelter in San Sristobal de las Casas.