Jun 13, 2009

Justice is Mine, says the Lord! /Prayer Campaign for Acteal Prisoners and Families

To The Acteal Families And Prisoners, From Buffalo, New York Sunday School Kids, DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! JESUS LOVES "TU"...WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU! This is one of the dozen or so cards that arrived just in time this week in Mexico City, to be presented to Estela Luna Perez, spokesperson for the Acteal Prisoners Families. She was surprised, and very touched by the interest and Christian love showed by this group of young American kids for her and her people. Please keep our brothers and sisters in Christ in your prayers, and before the Lord...for in the end, "Justice is Mine," says the Lord!

Jun 10, 2009

Prayer and Postcard Campaign for the Acteal Prisoners and their Families

Acteal Prisoner's Prayer Alert & Postcard Campaign UPDATE JUNE 10, 2009 We are reposting this since the latest happenings, this week, regarding our brothers and their families. Estela Luna Perez led her group of families out of Acteal walking to the Mexican capital, 14 hours away by bus. They were joined by over 300 uninvited marchers, and then attacked and fired on by the state police in Oaxaca.The government in Chiapas and political parties had promised support but backed out at the last moment. The peaceful march on behalf of the Innocent Evangelical Prisoners has now been hijacked by two radical groups...with political, propaganda, y financial clout. The Judges of the Supreme Court has postponed their decisions until after the summer elections. Estela and her group are humbly camped out in the Zocalo while their counterparts are being well cared for by their backers in nice hotels. I am sure that Estela and her people are disheartened and feeled betrayed by their neighbors. In the end, we all knew that justice would only be determined through trusting the Lord to move on behalf of the innocent prisoners. Please continue with us in prayer for both the prisoners and their families, not forgetting the judges who are dealing with a case no one wants to touch because of the political and propaganda machines involved. You can encourage Estela and her people by participating in the Postcard Campaign here. This week an manila envelope arrived with drawings from a Sunday School class in Buffalo, New York, telling the Evangelicals, "Don't worry, Jesus loves You!" You too can be a Voice of encouragement to our people who have suffered for their identification as evangelical followers of Jesus Christ. ******************************************************** PRISONER ALERT: 2009 Prayer & Postcard Campaign! Fify six (+/-) of our Evangelical brothers in Christ have now lost 12 years of their lives, and will have to serve another 13 (23 in some cases) years, if justice is not attained for them and the families that were left behind when they were originally detained without evidence. Please pray for all those who were victimized by the Massacre in Acteal (1997). The prisoners and their families often feel abandoned, and as if the Body of Christ has forgotten or is ignoring them. Help us to encoutrage them, and to let them know that we, ae their brothers and sisters in Christ, do care: / 1. Buy an appropiate postcard from your part of the world, to show where you are from. 2. If is for a prisoner, write in block ketters to the left, on the message side, Hermano. If it is meant for a family, write in block letters, Familia. 3. Choose and print legibly, a scripture verse of encouragement, with book and verse, which is similar to the Spanish names of Bible books. Do not write a note in English. They are Tzotzil, and most do not even speak Spanish. 4. Sign your name with a cross or a heart after your signature. 5. On the right hand side, put the address of our office and contact. VOM en Mexico Administracion Att. Linda Picard Calle Sixto Osuna # 2 Villa Union Sinaloa, Mexico 82200 God bless you for reflecting Christ's love to the "least of these " our brethren...