Feb 23, 2009

Endure...Living Martyrs

Testimonies of Endurance and Faith For Today's Church ... ENDURE.... Nigerian evangelicals living under the constant threat and weight of Shari'a law. ENDURE... Small word, that says so much about the life of a living martyr...one who lives a lifetime of abuse, discriminacion, arrests, imprisonment, and torture, and then starting all over again. Like Pastor Lamb in China who in his long life as a house church leader has been imprisoned more then 19 times by the Chinese government. Just when he thought he could bear no more, and one more imprisonment would break him, the Lord spoke to his heart and said, "My grace is sufficient for thee!" ENDURE... Small word, but rich to the suffering that know it brings a promise of recompense at the end of the journey, having endured and finished the race. After 20 years of imprisonment in the harsh Cuban system, tortured and abused, Noble Alexander was kept several additional years by the Cuban government just to keep him unbalanced and unsure of his fate. He baptized more than 300 prisoners in different prisons while the guards were looking in another direction, many times using the hot dishwashing water in which to dunk them! ENDURE... "Tear me to pieces and rip my soul from my body, but you will never force that detestable word of denial from my mouth. " Michael Nakashima, had boiling water poured over his head and body until he died in Japan on Christmas Day, 1628. ENDURE... Without wavering let us hold tight to the hope we say we have, for God can be trusted to keep His promise. Hebrews 10:23

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