Jul 12, 2014

How to become involved / Supporting the Persecuted Church in Mexico

(Brother Pedro, released after being imprisoned for 3 1/2 years on false charges is now back with his family. But they paid a high price for his absence and are working to pay off the money borrowed to send him and his son food while imprisoned, and to care for his family while alone. ) 

You can support the persecuted church in our area by:
  • being informed
  • praying specifically, but allowing / asking that the Lord's will to be worked in the lives of both persecuted and persecutors. 
  • sending a word of encouragement as is possible, with cards, letters, or even drawings, best using simple scriptures and  brief to the point messages, and without criticizing o denegating the regime, government or religious authorities.
  • send personally if possible or through Voice of the Matyrs projects basic items needed for humanitarian purposes
  • for Mexico there is always a need for: humanitarian aid in basic food allotments, Bibles, clothes for children, jackets for the cold months, t-shirts, cuddle blankets / soft huggable stuffed animals for pre schoolers / toddlers, basic school material, book bags, simple Sunday School materials, more pictures the better, Bible Society sticker or coloring books, 
  • on our end we are responsable for cooking utensils, blankets, sleeping mats, jackets, etc.
  • Offerings for Legal Aid, Humanitarian Aid, Newletter / Bulletin in Spanish, Women in the Breach, and Family Workshops, Jesus Freaks / Youth and Young Adults, Kids of Courage, and Blessings programs and of course general operational costs on which the ministry depends to be able to reach out and touch the persecuted brethren.
  • Short Term Missionary Trips: we do receive groups at our Base to allow you to meet the persecuted brethren in person, under strict supervision.
  • Being a Voice for the persecuted in general, and Mexico in particular. 
  • Participating in the yearly IDOP in your own region, in your own language, and remembering the persecuted brethren in Mexico... they are not interested in escaping to the USA or Canada, but in returning to their communities and being able to practice their faith. 
For more information: send comment to this blog. 

Photo: basic elements of food baskets given on regular basis in Chiapas

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